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Hello Neighbor!!!!

Welcome to our new Hello Neighbor program. We hope you will join the Ottawa Visitors Center in welcoming new residents while promoting your businesses.

What’s in a Hello Neighbor Welcome Packet?

The OVC’s Hello Neighbor Welcome Packets are an all-in-one resource for anyone making Ottawa their new home.  In these packets, you will find the Starved Rock Country magazine, a Lasalle County Visitors Guide, brochures with information on schools, parks, healthcare, public utilities, shopping & dining and everything in between!  We have also invited local businesses to include coupons and/or business swag to help welcome new residents and navigate our business community.

How can my business participate in the Hello Neighbor Welcome Packet?

Get your business information in the hands of new residents and start promoting goods or services you provide.  We invite you to add a coupon (no bigger than a business card size, we can design and print for an additional $10 per 50) or send us your business swag in increments of 50 (ie pens, cozi, clips, badges, but please no brochures).  All inserts are subject to OVC approval.

How will these packets be distributed?

We have contacted local real estate agents to help with getting the Hello Neighbor Welcome Packets into the hands of new residents.

If you are a new resident and would like to request a welcome packet, please contact our office at: 815-434-2737.

How much does it cost?

The annual fee to be included in the program is $25 per item submitted for the Hello neighbor packet.

Program year will be July 1, 2023, to July 1, 2024.

Hello Neighbor!!!!

swag is subject to OVC approval
Price: $25.00
per coupon or per piece of business swag
Price: $10.00
yes , design and print 50 coupons for me
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